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Day 17 Teaching Days

Finally this was my chance to teach the students at the class. They were so excited and I also excited to teach them. It’s a little bit difficult to make them stay still at their chair not to walk around or chat with their friends. But, I tried my best. I teach them then I walk around the class to make sure they do the tasks i gave them.


School   : Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Demonstration School

Educational Level : elementary school

Subject              : English

Grade/Term         : 4

Chapter            : Food and Drinks

Duration            : 1 x 60 minutes

Lesson Content


  1. Student will be able to have new vocabularies
  2. Student will be able to understand how to make sentences and practice
  3. Student will be understand about foods and drinks
  1. Function /language focus/skills
  2. To talk about foods and drinks.
  3. To make sentences
  4. Grammar

What do you like to eat?

What is your favourite food?

  1. Vocabulary
  2. Foods and drinks
  3. Purpose / objectives
  4. The students will learn about foods and drinks
  5. The students will learn to be blessed and don’t waste their food
  6. Procedures/stage/learning and teaching activities

Warm-up (20 Minute)

  • Use this time to let students get to know you and to create a relaxed classroom atmosphere. Encourage students to ask you question.
  • Next, start a discussion about foods and drinks. Ask students about what kind of food do they know, what kind of food they like. Make students to think about how to answer the question and students also must ask their classmates about their want.

e.g : – What foods do you like?

– Do you like pizza?

Presentation ( 20 minute)

  • Explain from the presentation, tell to students about the meaning of vocabulary from the text book in order to make the students easy to understand about the lesson. Teach them about how to pronounce and repeat after me.

Practice (20 minute)

  • Arrange the students, make good situation and ask them if they have already understand about the materials.
  • Call some students to give example to other students about pronounciation and how to ask and answer the question.
  • Arrange the students to draw about the foods and drink, also write on their books about foods and drinks

Teaching aids

  • Presentation


  • Teacher will grade the students based how active to participate in the class
  • Teacher will grade the students based on how brave and confident they are when speaking english

Teaching Materials

Learning Resources:

  1. Presentation
  2. Student Activity (Attactment).
  3. Worksheet (Attactment).

Learning Media :

  1. White Board
  2. Board Marker
  3. Proyector


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