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Pedagogical Contents

Teaching methods of the teacher that I observed are varies. Because I observed more than one teacher, and they have their own teaching methods. The first one Teacher Joy is Thai Teacher who teach the main English. She use textbook, she use it as a source to teach and practice. And then there is Teacher Ning who is also Thai Teacher but teach English Conversation, she use video to sing and dance with student she also use worksheet for student to complete and it usually a picture to color or the student have to draw the subject. I also get a chance to observed the foreign teacher. Teacher Peter is the foreign teacher and He use picture to teach.

And for the other Thai Teacher who teach subjects other than English are also use other media. Teacher Prim who teach Social, He bring the students outside the school to go to the temple to learn about buddhist there. With the bus from university 2 classes of grade 5 together go to the temple and learn many things there.

Authentic Assessment: the Authentic assessment we can be found on the lesson plan. The teacher use an assessment based on the performance of the students in the class during the learning process.

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