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My Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan

Education Units :  Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Demonstration School

Class / semester :  5 / 2

Theme / topic :  Wild and Domestic Animals

Meeting to  / week :  1-2 / ke 3

Time Allocation :  1 hari (1x60 menit)

Lesson Content

  1. Strands : – Language for Communication

– Language and Culture

– Language and Relationship with other Learning Areas

– Language and Relationship with Community and the World

  • Standards
  • Grade Level Indicators : – Student will be able to have new vocabularies

– Student will be able to understand how to make sentences and practice

– Student will be understand about wild animals

Function / Structure

To Make Sentences : They can live in a farm

What are wild animals?

What are domestic animals?

  1. Vocabulary

There are 15 words.

Wild Animals: Rhinoceros, Giraffe, Fox, Bear, Leopard, Zebra

Domestic Animals: Horse, Cat, Dog, Duck, Rabbit, Chick, Goose, Goat, Cow

  • Objectives
  1. Cognitive (K) Knowledge
  2. Affective (A) Attitude
  3. Psychomotory (P) Skills

Procedures of Teaching and Learning Process:

Pre Activities

The Teacher greets the learners.

The Teacher asks the learners about animals they know and what animals they like.

The Teacher tells the learner about topic that is going to be learnt and the objectives of the materials. Example: Do you have cats/dogs?

While Activities

The teacher show presntation about animals and explain one by one start from wild animals. Explain where they live and the reason why they called wild animals. And do it again for the domestic animals.

The teacher plays a video of wild animals first and then the domestic animals.

The teacher asks the students if they have already understand about the topic they are learning.

The teacher divided the students into some small groups. There will be 5 groups.

The teacher ask the students to do the task as a group. The task is they have to work in a group to stick in the animals into the right type on the board. The board and the animals with stickers on the back has already prepared by the teacher and each group will get one package.

The teacher pay attention to the students.

The teacher help the students do their tasks.

The teacher checks the learners work and help them figure out the answers.

The tasks is submitted in the front of the class and discuss together about the answers.

The teacher show the answer on the board.

The students check other groups answer.

Post Activities

The teacher recap the vocabulary.

The teacher concludes the material.

The teacher closes the class.

The teacher using a song to sing together and dance.

Teaching Aids

  • Presentation
  • Video

Assesment Criteria

ObjectiveExceedingMeetingNeeds in Improvement
Objective 1   
Objective 2    
Objective 3   

Teaching Materials

Vocabulary in presentation.

Learning Resources

  1. Presentation
  2. Student Activity

Learning Media

  1. White Board
  2. Board Marker
  3. Projector

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