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Summary and Suggestion

Purpose of Practicum is to get new experinces that is to teach second language in asia country.

Procedure of Practicum is on the first week is observation. That means I have to observe how the teacher teach in the class room. What methods they use, what is the lesson plan, what struggle they have to face, etc. The second week is teaching assistant. In the second week I helped the teacher managing the class. Help the students understanding the material that is given by the teacher, also help the students to answer their task, and help the teacher to give score of the students assignment. The third week is start practice teaching, I have to be ready the lesson plan and the materials i will teach. I have prepared all before the third week so I can teach well. The last week is still teaching and make presentaion for closing ceremony.

Outcome of Practicum is I get many things from this Sea Teacher Program. First, more independent. I have to do anything by myself preparing for departure and then the lesson plan the materials I will teach also I have to be mentally prepared to face them all outside of my country and far from people that i know. Second is Thailand is a best country I have ever come. It was really nice to be there. In Chiangmai, people there is very polite and kind. I learned to greet them everytime with sawadikhaa. The country is clean, and safe. There is no need to be worry, it is comfortable to lived there. I also got some new friends, not only indonesia friends but also from Chiangmai and other exchange students in my dormitory. The coordinator of the campus CMRU also very nice and welcomed to me. The teachers in the school also very nice and unforgettable. Although they are strict in the class, outside the class they share some humor and always try to help me. And the students also really nice and cute. They listen to me and always greet me good morning, teacher; good afternoon, teacher; i love you, teacher. Those kind of words i will never forget from them. i hope in the future they can greet me in other way. Every students there is different. There is also special student there that make me think they are just special and I need to handle them, dealing with them. They are all smart students i hope the best for all of them.

The Challenge of Practicum is language. I only know the very basic of Thai Language and sometimes i forget the word or how the intonation. But, in the public places there are still some people who can speak english. At least i know how to make transaction and numbers in Thai language. It was kind of hard to speak to the students but when in the class they can follow my instruction and understand what i teach. The other challenge is its a little bit hard to find halal food. There is just limited halal food near the campus. The school also not always served food that everyone can enjoy. But, if there is a will there is a way. Despite of all the hardship there is still another way to make it better.

Suggestion for Future Improvement I think there is no need to be fix. All is just perfect. Just keep the program be as like this. I think the future student who will join it will enjoy it. Thank You so much for SEAMEO no words can describe how much i feel blessed to join this program. Keep the good work. Warm regards from me:)

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