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School Profile

Here is the school information:

Rajabhat Chiangmai Demonstration University

Rajabhat Chiangmai Demonstration University is located at 202

MuandamprakoRoad ,Changkhran, Muang ,Chiangmai, Thailand 50300


School Executive

1.Asst Prof Yiamlak UdakarnDirector/ School Director
2.Dr. Kritsada BoonchomDeputy Director
3.Mrs.Pariyaporn KongkhamDeputy Director
School Executive 3  3
Teacher ProfessionalLevel 2  2
Teacher PractitionerLevel 1710 27
Teacher  9 3
Teacher Assistance  8 8
Academic/ officer  5 6
Service worker   55
Office  operation   22
Total22 26755

Note: Primary school teachers are executives, 1foreign teacher (1 volunteer).


Currently, there are as follows:

Number of students: 720 which is made up of………

Kindergarten 224students and in the Primary school a total of 496 students

There is a total of 8 Elementary levels with 15 classroom

Teaching in English

Every week the students study English for 5 hours

Main English, 2 Hours by a Thai Teacher

English conversation, 1 hour by a Thai teacher

English conversation, 1 hour by teachers from other countries

English Dyned Program ( The Thai teacher, who is the main teacher teaching

English, will be in control of the students in the English sound Lab room)

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