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Day 0 (Introduction)

Hello, I’m Amanda, nice to meet you. I am a student at Ahmad Dahlan University, Yogyakarta. Yes, It is the university with bright orange jacket. I am studying English Education. In this blog I would like to share to you what have been happened in my life for a month.

Suddenly on 25 June 2019, my phone got some messages from campus’ groups. Usually I did not like to read it nor care about it. But it kept disturb me, and I decided to read it. The first messages I read was from my supervisor group. It says that my major opened chance to be part of SEA TEACHER program. What is SEA TEACHER program?

It’s a program that aims to provide an opportunity for pre service student teachers from universities in Southeast Asia to have teaching experiences (practicum) in schools in other countries in Southeast Asia. The duration of the practicum is one month. If you want to know more about it you can go through

After I read it, it sounds interesting. A chance to be part of program that will bring you to another world. I’ve always been so excited to become part of this kind of program. So, I decided to join this program. First, I read all the qualifications and I fit the qualifications. Then, I told my mom about it and she 100% supported me to join this program without any hesitation.

After that I contacted one of my lecturer that I wanted to join this event.

She told me to bring the files.

One of them was like explaining why I want to join the program. After that I have to do the selection through micro teaching to see if I could fit with this program. In this chance I got to know some new friends. They are from different major such as early childhood education, elementary education, physic education, etc. There were about 10 students who did the selection. And the result who passed the selections are only 5 persons include me. I thought I would be seated at Philipines because my lecturer said that SEA TEACHER program will be seated only in Philipines. But, I got seated in Thailand. Some part of me could not believe it because it’s only me from my hometown. How come?

I felt Sad, because I got separated with all my friends that will go to philipines.

But, after I think about it again maybe it’s the best way from God has given to me. I have to be blessed rather than dissapointed.

Next, there was an interview with thailand people from CMRU. Chiang Mai Rajabhat University is the university that i got seated. That was the first time I got to online interview with thai people. And I felt really excited. They are really nice and humble that made me always smile through the interview.

After that, they invite me in a group of indonesian’s student who will go to thailand.

I booked my own flight by myself. After I got the invitation letter.

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