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Bitter And Sweet Experiences Day 1

Finally i gotta go to thailand, Chiang mai for the first time. I boarded from my hometown at night around 8 p.m and my familly accompanied me to the airport. Even one of my student who is like my younger sister came. She and her friend came to see me. I also got to video call with her parents who is also like my family. Our relationship is more than me and my relatives. We are really close. And i felt happy about it but still nervous cause i have to go alone from jogja.

Then, i got seated in the middle of young boy and middle aged woman. At first i smiled to the middle aged woman. And she smiled back to me. She said she was going to ternate, papua. And then we didn’t talk anymore. Her eyes looked tired and her body also laying back to the chair, she was going to sleep. So, i think i am not gonna disturb her. And for the boy, i was like i wanna talk to him but i hold it. I am afraid i might be annoy him. But, that become worst cause i just glanced at him from the tip of my eyes, pay attention to his gestures and he looked uncomfortable. It was very awkward moment. Until, finally i talk to him first and it was not that bad. The fact that he is younger than me. He was just graduated from high school. So, yeah i was able to talked to him more. The woman besides me awoke she talked to the boy with language i didn’t know. And all I knew was they were going to the same place. I was like oh okay, that would be great. Finally, we arrived at our first transit. It was in in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. We got to ride the bus to reach the airport. After we were on the bus, i was always with him. And i even warn him to always beside me. Because i treat him like my friend eventhough we were just met. And he was accepted it. On the bus, i held her arms because i didn’t have something to held. So, it was an emergency. Note it. I didn’t try to get benefit from him. Seriously. And the woman who was always with us, She saw at us strangely. But, I didn’t take it serious. After we arrived, the woman said she was going to the toilet and left me with the boy. “You guys know each other?” I asked him. “Yes, She is my mom” my heart got shocked. The fact that made me felt shame, The woman is the boy’s mom. Gosh, how clumsy i was! I curse at myself. “Is…she..your Mom? Really?” And he nods his head. That’s why she saw at us strangely on the bus. I really wanna laugh out loud. So Shame. But, after that i got to know him and her family more, her mom was not angry with me. Indeed, She is very friendly. She also bought me drink. Like i was her second child. We were waiting at the boarding room together. Her mom fell asleep. I could not sleep, too cold. I could not bear the coldness, the coldness was like through my bones eventhough i had wear double clothes. Or it was just me who didnt want to go to sleep? My mind  was worrying so much about the flight. I was afraid I might be missed the flight. On the other side of my chairs, he sat and did not sleep at all. But his eyes was red he needs to sleep. Then, We had midnight conversation until he walked me to the immigration.

Long story short, I succeeded into Don Mueang International Airport. Oh, I almost forgot to said that I was not alone anymore cause I have met my friends in Jakarta and we had the same plane. I was able to talked with them during the flight to Bangkok. It was so nice to meet them. And finally I could slept for a while in the plane. Since that, the three of us were always together. I was the only person who used the cabin for all of my belongings. I felt heavy in my back:( but i am strong girl so i can handle it. After we arrived at bangkok international airport we felt really hungry. So, we decided to eat first.

This was the beginning of the bitter story. We ate happily there. And we were busy with our phone. While we were eating we saw many people in the airport. Then we were carried away by the situation until we did not realize what time our flight was. So, We ate in a hurry then search our gate. We flew around to found our gate. Finally We found our gate, and we waited at the boarding room cause we saw on the ticket the departure was in a 10 minute. We sat there, but we was not sure if it was right. And I asked the information keeper. Again, I got heart attack. Our plan has gone in 25minutes before. They have called us 3times. We missed our plane:( my mind went blank on that time. Do not know what to do. They said we must go to exit and buy new ticket. We were so confused, because we did not hear the announcement eventhough the restaurant near the boarding room. It was chaos. That was the first time for us. And it was hard. But, we the girls strengthen ourself. We bought new ticket. It was lucky we could get new ticket. However, I still felt bitter about it. Guilty was all over me. I did not expect this would be happened. The girls already bought the tickets and searched their luggage and I was alone again to bought the ticket. After done, I ran to the check in and went to the boarding room. I sat there alone, waited for them. And tears coming down from my eyes. I could not held it anymore. I did not care about people around me. I cried in a silent until they came and saw me. They got panic saw me crying. And immediately asking what was happening. What was the reason behind of my tears. And that makes me felt worse. Sorry to say this. But, i did not know why I was like this. And I did not like to be asked. I just wanna expressed my feelings. They finally understood my condition. Then, I got relaxed I started to talked to them. And we had a lot conversation. I put my make up on my face, So I did not looked horrible again. Took a deep breath and yeah I was ready for the next flight.

4 thoughts on “Bitter And Sweet Experiences Day 1

  1. This is a good story to read! I’m sorry for your flight, but it’s ok, experience is the best teacher, right?
    Hey, I’m actually curious about that boy, where is he from? Did you ask him? I hope you can tell me about that boy later!


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