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Day 2 Adaptation

Arrived at Chiang Mai International Airport, my eyes caught on signboard written ‘Chiang Mai Rajabhat University’ then I saw two young girls that I knew they were Miss Arry’s students. My other two friends still searching their luggage while I was ready to got a rest at the campus dorm. I felt really tired and needed sleep of course. And still bitter about the miss flight. But the two girls were very nice. We talked a lot while waiting. And that was make me excited about the beginning of my journey. I thought they were to be my buddy’s while in Chiang Mai but they also have to go to Indonesia right away. In the end I got no thai buddy’s sadly. We have to find our own friends. Just like we have to find our own partners obviously.

It’s my first time to be in Chiang Mai, Thailand. And I got placed at the international dorm in Chiang Mai Rajabhat University. At first I saw this university I was like fascinated because of the spacious place. So many people there, and all people here busy with their own project. That means the students here are active. I like this kind of vibes that give me feeling to be motivated about my days here.

My friend and I got to be stayed at 5th floor. We can use the elevator to get there or up the stairs.

sorry for the messy of the room:(

This is our room, the facilities is quiet complete. There is air conditionair, two beds, one bath room with water heater, sink inside the bath room, dressing table, television, refrigerator, two big cup boards, and a balcon.

Its pretty comfortable to live here for one month. I admit it.

The most favorite place in this room is the balcon. Because through it i can see some of the beautiful of Chiang Mai from above. I can see the hill of Chiang Mai from it. Also see some students of CMRU doing physical activities in the sports column i think i dont know its name:)

would like to enjoy this view everyday

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