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Day 3

It was pretty hard to find halal food in Chiang Mai. Luckily friends who join sea teacher brought many frozen foods. And they with their kind hearted share their food together. So, for a short time we decided to bought rice in the local market near the campus. Oh, I almost forgot to mention about the kitchen. We can use the kitchen freely, there is a rice cooker, big fridge, microwave, stoves, two sinks, and some kitchen equipments.

In the first week, we cook rice and heat up the frozen food’s everyone brought. We always ate at one of us’ room and ate together. One plate can be use for two until three people.

Although it was a little bit risky to find halal food here, i still felt blessed because i can buy raw materials from market like vegetables or eggs to cook in the dorm. Or buy halal food at seven eleven although maybe the price is a little bit different from in the market. The different was around 5baht or more only but it was nearer.

And I believe in every situation, even the hardest situation there is still a way to solve it. So, keep strong and believe in your self that you can do it!

There is still 27 days awaiting!

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