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Day 4 Is Monday Still Monster Day?

Monday was always like hell, it all starts in Monday. My first Monday in Chiang Mai was not that bad. It was pretty good, though. Miss Arry has told us to come to her office early at 11 a.m and after that about at 2 p.m we have orientation. We brought our passport and came to miss arry office and met one of her student. Her name is Tonzon. She will also join sea teacher to Indonesia in Medan, she left on 11th august. We collected our passport and gave it to her. She led us around the campus. And it was raining, we had bought our umbrella and used it together.

This is the girls of sea teacher programme. We look cute together, Aren’t we? I’m the one who wore bright orange jacket. My proud university’s jacket.

After that we continued to the meeting room. Miss Arry and all the school’s representative were there. We got a chance to introduce ourself one by one. And i am the first one to speak, i felt really nervous:( and excited.

i look so nervous, right?
it’s me after getting the acceptance
This is all of us
This is some of us with our coordinator:)
The woman with red shirt is my teacher she is Teacher Ning and The woman with purple shirt is Teacher Joy. The are english teacher in Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Demonstartion School
This is me introducing my self and asking my supervisor contact. He is really nice to me, He is Mr Borne My supervisor. The person who will assess my teaching:)

Feel so glad and proud of myself that i can reach Thailand through this programme. I hope i can finish it well. Still long way to go, keep the spirit!

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