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Day 5 Finally Go To School!

I got to teach elementary school in Chiang Mai Rajabhat University Demonstration School.

Here is the school information:

Rajabhat Chiangmai Demonstration University

Rajabhat Chiangmai Demonstration University is located at 202

MuandamprakoRoad ,Changkhran, Muang ,Chiangmai, Thailand 50300


School Executive

1.Asst Prof Yiamlak UdakarnDirector/ School Director
2.Dr. Kritsada BoonchomDeputy Director
3.Mrs.Pariyaporn KongkhamDeputy Director
School Executive 3  3
Teacher ProfessionalLevel 2  2
Teacher PractitionerLevel 1710 27
Teacher  9 3
Teacher Assistance  8 8
Academic/ officer  5 6
Service worker   55
Office  operation   22
Total22 26755

Note: Primary school teachers are executives, 1foreign teacher (1 volunteer).

Student information

Currently, there are as follows:

Number of students: 720 which is made up of………

Kindergarten 224students and in the Primary school a total of 496 students

There is a total of 8 Elementary levels with 15 classroom

Teaching in English

Every week the students study English for 5 hours

Main English, 2 Hours by a Thai Teacher

English conversation, 1 hour by a Thai teacher

English conversation, 1 hour by teachers from other countries

English Dyned Program ( The Thai teacher, who is the main teacher teaching

English, will be in control of the students in the English sound Lab room)

This is English Dyned Program
The older students are taking care of the younger.
This was what the student doing in the morning when I first came.
This is the class where I placed class 1/2. But, I was not going to teach them. I just placed here.
The facilities here is so complete. There is some fan, air conditionair, white board, proyector, computer.

Felt so comfy to be in class while observing. Did not need to worry because all the facilities i think i can teach well. I hope so.

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