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Day 11 Celebrating Idhul Adha in Thailand

with new muslim friends in Chiang Mai

It’s my first time to celebrating Idul Adha in another country, and became minority. Felt so sad because I could not celebrate it with my family. Usually my family would gather together to pray (sholat) and then cooked satay to eat together the meat. But, here in Chiang Mai there was not any qurban (cutting meat). But, It’s okay. Because I still can pray at the mosque near the university. We walked early in the morning to reach the mosque. I saw many muslim there. And we started to pray at 7.30 am.

This is us before pray.

Only three of us who came to the mosque because the other girls were having period.

Eventhough we were not eating meat, but we got this for free instead.

Everybody from the mosque after pray was given this bowl of noodles, we also got a glass of water, a bottle of water, and ice cream.

Feel blessed and happy for it. This is an unforgettable moments in Thailand.

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