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Day 13 Go to the Wat for the first time!

On Tuesday morning after flag ceremony, I have planned from a week ago to join Teacher Prim to go to the temple (Wat Si Don Chai Pa Tung Ngam) and he is fine about it. And I also asked his permission to invite Anas to come to join us and he accept it. Teacher Prim is very nice and friendly. I like to talk to him. He can speak english well. There were a lot we talked about last weekend. I never think that I really comfortable talk to him. He said that we would go to the temple of buddhist and there were shown about heaven and hell for buddhist. And I really excited about it.

We go there by bus
The students listens to the monk’s vey well
Teacher Prim is explaining to the students.
Go outside of the Wat to see the museum of heaven and hell outside in the forest.
This is the heaven look calm
This is Anas, Teacher Prim, And I.

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